Theories of Atlantis Beanie Solway Flag Black

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The Solway beanies come in three coloways of navy, black, or brown. It features a sewn on woven... mehr
Produktinformationen "Theories of Atlantis Beanie Solway Flag Black"
The Solway beanies come in three coloways of navy, black, or brown. It features a sewn on woven American Flag patch with a space man, to coincide with the story of the new Solway Firth tee graphic.In 1964, a fireman from Cumbria, England named Jim Templeton was on a day trip to an area known as the Solway Firth. He snapped a few photos of his daughter and thought nothing of it until his film came back from the lab and he discovered a strange figure lurking behind his daughter in one of the images. A figure resembling what he claimed was a "Spaceman." Templeton insisted that nobody else was present on the marsh that day and experts confirmed that the photo had not been tampered with. The photograph was soon picked up by the media and a global story soon exploded about the "Solway Firth Spaceman." Things then took a bizarre twist when men claiming to be government agents met Jim at his house and asked him to show them the exact location of the photograph. The 2 suspicious men only identified themselves by numbers.... "Number 9" and "Number 11." When they reached the marsh and were unhappy with Jim's answers to their questions they abandoned him at the location and were never seen again.The story became even more mysterious when newspapers in Australia printed the story and technicians from the Australian space agency came forward claiming they had seen the same figure during a recent launch of an Australian rocket. They contacted Jim Templeton to tell their story about seeing 2 mysterious figures appear near the launch pad of an Australian rocket right as the ignition sequence was in countdown. The launch was halted out of fear that the 2 figures would be harmed. But soon after they disappeared and weren't seen again until the news story about Jim Templeton's photographs hit Australian press. An incredibly strange story and with a resulting photograph that is even stranger.
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