Shipyard Ben Hatchell Sea Goddess

Shipyard Ben Hatchell Sea Goddess
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8,6x32.5 with a 15" wb Founded by Hank Fauerbach, Shipyard Skates is a skateboarding company... mehr
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8,6x32.5 with a 15" wb

Founded by Hank Fauerbach, Shipyard Skates is a skateboarding company based in Richmond, Virginia. Fauerbach’s decision to start Shipyard Skates stemmed from his frustration of seeing companies churning out factory produced decks using predictable corporate logos. Shipyard skateboard decks are beautifully handmade in Fauerbach’s own backyard-and since quality is so important, he’s teamed up with custom skateboard manufacturers to make sure your boards are perfectly hand-screened. It’s pretty rare to come across hand-screened boards today, which is what separates Shipyard Skates from other brands. Take a look at their decks and you’ll see why! Shipyard Skates skateboard decks feature a variety of ocean themed graphics such as fish, sharks, tridents, tiki heads, and ship captains. Their graphics feature so much attention to detail that you cannot help but take a few minutes to ogle them! Shipyard Skates decks are made for all types of riding conditions. They have models specifically built for street, park, and bowl terrains. Their decks are great for any skill level, whether you are new to skateboarding or have been riding your entire life. When it comes to top quality gear, Shipyard Skates has the decks you need for unforgettable skating sessions! You are guaranteed to be the envy of your friends.

When it comes to skateboard equipment, Shipyard Skates pushes originality to the next level. Choose the right Shipyard Skates deck for you, and feel the difference.

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